Busy Time

Over the last fortnight I’ve hosted our son’s engagement party, flown to Melbourne, driven to Lorne (Great Ocean Road in the mighty state of Victoria), driven back to Melbourne, flown back to Canberra, flown to Adelaide via Sydney, flown to Melbourne, driven to San Remo (near Phillip Island, Victoria) and driven back to Canberra via an overnight stay in Merimbula on the far south coast of New South Wales.

The engagement party was a joint effort from my soon to be daughter in law’s parents, Bernard and Vicki, as well as Rod and me (yes, me is correct; not I).  Here’s the nicest photo from the day:

Tom, Natalie and the Fabulous Engagement Cake!

The Lorne sojurn was for a family wedding:  Sarah Bell married Ivan Skidmore.  They’re a lovely couple as you can see below.

Ivan & Sarah, 10 Nov 2012

And here’s the beach they were married on:

Lorne Beach, Victoria

And finally, I got the photo of the wedding, despite Robert (the official photographer) being engaged to do good work!  The crying father of the bride just after he’d handed over his daughter:

I went to Adelaide to attend the SA Australian of the Year event.  Dr Gerry O’Callaghan, the inaugural National Medical Director for the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority, was in the final four; a worthy nominee indeed.  He didn’t win, but it was a great achievement to be in the final four.  Here he is with the fabulous Bronwyn:

Mrs Bronwyn and Dr Gerry O’Callaghan

I stayed at Glenelg and had a fabulous couple of days at the beach.  It is a beautiful spot and I did tweet that if I wasn’t in love with Canberra I would probably love Glenelg!

The only problem I had on this trip was that Qantas couldn’t accommodate my oxygen machine so I was trussed into my seat like an animal.  I live in hope that I am able at some stage to speak with Qantas’ medical director.

Customers on oxygen need to be managed better than this.

San Remo was beautiful, although the odd headache was obtained.  Here’s the twins early in the evening!

Anne (young twin) and Helen (old twin)


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