As mentioned in my previous blog, I complained to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as well as the Sex Discrimination Commissioner about Mr Jones’ comments on 31 August 2012 that “. . .  women are destroying the joint . . .”.

Disappointingly, ACMA will have nothing to do with the complaint until I complain to 2GB directly.  I did this, but it’s not easy.  First, you have to ‘apply’ for a complaint form.  The form includes the usual compulsory questions such as name, address etc.  However, one of the compulsory questions relates to a complainant’s age.  I believe this is irrelevant and adds further to the difficulty of complaining.  Rest assured I told them I was 17, but did disclose in the body of my complaint that I was not 17 and my age was irrelevant.  One of the other compulsory questions relates to the other radio stations the complainant listens to.  Fortunately, it was free text so I wrote it was none of their business as again it’s irrelevant to the nature of the complaint.

The next problem in this complaint is that 2GB has 30 business days to acknowledge the complaint and 45 business days to respond substantively.  I complained on 1 September so they don’t have to respond till early November.

What’s that saying?  Justice delayed is justice denied.

If I’m not satisfied with the response from 2GB, I can then lodge a formal complaint with ACMA.  I cannot find the timelines for ACMA on its website.

Then onto the Sex Discrimination Commissioner:  the Sex Discrimination Commissioner cannot investigate my complaint under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, because it does not cover vilification.  I have asked the Sex Discrimination Commissioner if she would consider making a statement about Mr Jones’ comments, and my request will be submitted to her on her return from leave.

In the meantime, I understand the Attorney-General is currently considering reforms to federal discrimination laws.  It was suggested that I may wish to raise any concerns or suggestions with the Attorney directly.

I wonder why Mr Jones and others get away with belittling women?  Would it be that we still have a way to go in managing processes such as those described above?



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