Destroy the JointIt’s yonks since I’ve written a blog here, but Alan Jones has forced me to think about how to ensure community supports one another.

Over the last week there has been much written and said about Charlotte Dawson and the awfulness of Twitter to her.  She ended up apparently attempting suicide.  Those who were rotten to her were generally anonymous trolls.  If Charlotte had been in a good space, she would have blocked them AND reported them for spam.

On Friday, 31 August 2012, however, Twitter garnered the support of the sisterhood to address the following reprehensible comments of a national shock jock, Alan Jones:

“She (the Prime Minister) said that we know societies only reach their full potential if women are politically participating.

Women are destroying the joint – Christine Nixon in Melbourne, Clover Moore here. Honestly.”

I was gobsmacked when I read this at about 5.30 pm in the mainstream media.  Jones is in a position of national influence as his program is syndicated to various region

s and is streamed on the internet.  Potentially, his program has national and international reach.  I tweeted a link to my local ABC station @666Canberra at 5.41 pm, but I suspect it was too late in the day for Louise Maher, the presenter, to pick up such a large story.  My tweet was retweeted to a range of people and I also tweeted it to Elizabeth Broderick,  Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner.  I daresay others tweeted to her as well.

What happened then was amazing.  I settled in to watching Hawthorn maintain their place on top of the AFL ladder, occasionally tweeting when particularly good bits of play were observed.  Well, quite often really.  This gave me the opportunity to keep an eye on whether others had picked up the Alan Jones piece.

Fairly quickly, #destroythejoint or #destroyingthejoint popped up.  @JaneCaro, started at 6.20 pm, tweeting

Got time on my hands tonight so thought I’d spend it coming up with new ways of “destroying the joint” being a woman & all. Ideas welcome.

If you’re interested, go to twitter and put in one or other of the hashtags to see the serious and not so serious.  It brought everyone together in mocking Jones but supporting one another.  Indeed, some of my favourite male tweeters did a good job too:


To all the laydees out there tonight, whatever joint you may be destroying, I raise a glass to you #destroythejoint


@JennaPrice @ACLambert in support of the sisterhood I’ve done my best to #destroythejoint

Some of our leaders participated, including @KatyGMLA, especially when the merchandise became available:

My friend and I are #destroyingthejoint but we stopped briefly to purchase some #destroythejoint t-shirt merch to record the occasion

Well done sisterhood, and honorary sisterhood (the blokes).  You came together to support one another and used your humour to address a miserable comment.  Every few minutes there’s another hilarious comment.

In the meantime, I have looked at the code of conduct for commercial broadcasters as issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.  It seems to me that Jones has contravened Code 1.1(e) and I have lodged a complaint accordingly.

I have also lodged a complaint with the Sex Discrim

ination Commissioner.

As it’s Father’s Day today, and most of the blokes I know are having a relax, I can now get on with  #destroyingthejoint.


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