The data are out for organ donation to 30 April 2012.  The Australian Capital Territory continues to be a generous community with 5 multi organ donors recorded to the end of April 2012.  At the same time in 2011, the ACT had 2 multi organ donors.

The data to 30 April 2012 for each jurisdiction are listed below.  Similar data to 30 April 2011 are in brackets:

  • New South Wales 22 (24)
  • Victoria 22 (40)
  • Queensland 23 (23)
  • South Australia 4 (10)
  • Western Australia 11 (10)
  • Tasmania 7 (1)
  • Northern Territory 4 (0)
  • Australian Capital Territory 5 (2)

The total number of multi organ donors to 30 April 2012 for Australia is 98, down from 112 at the same time in 2011.

We need our largest jurisdictions ensuring that every opportunity for organ donation is recognised.  One of the biggest barriers is the NSW driver’s licence which we know preclude many families from donating their loved ones’ organs.  The sooner this is abolished, the better.

Well done to all the clinical staff and thank you to those 98 families who have made the very generous decision to donate their loved ones’ organs.  There are 173 Australians who are much better off as a result of their selfless decision.


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