My attention to 666ABC was sharpened last Friday at the end of Chief Minister talkback when Alex Sloane said that one of Australia’s fabulous organ donor champions had died in an accident.

Tragically, David Gough was killed in an accident the previous day.  He had championed the cause of organ donation for the last couple of years, following the death of his daughter Melody on Christmas Eve in 2009.  Melody became a multi organ donor, saving and transforming the lives of three people as a result of her wishes and her family’s honouring of her wishes.  David rode miles and miles on his motorbike around to different communities throughout Australia to promote the message of speaking to your loved ones about organ donation.

l-r: Marguerite & Laurie Wiseman, Greg Bayliss, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, David O’Leary, David Gough, Pat Siciliano, Rick McQualter (photo Gift of Life)

David was awarded the Chief Minister’s Terry Connolly Award for promoting organ donation in February 2012.  This was a well deserved honour and fitting recognition of the many hours he has spent in the saddle of his motorbike.

He was a marvellous foot solider in the sector and we are all the poorer for his death.  I hope that Robyn and Tim, his wife and son, are able to remember the good times.

A memorial service will be held at David’s home on 12 May 2012 and the following tributes are worth reading:


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